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  • Sin to Sin (2012) (available at LMF)
  • If You Should Ever Fall on Hard Times (2008)
  • Sugartown (1999)
  • Nuevo Bugaloo (1994)
  • The Iguanas (1993)

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Band Press: [ 2008 - If You Should Ever Fall on Hard Times Album Review] [Offbeat 2012 - Sin to Sin Album Review]

Representing their home state of Louisiana, the Iguanas’ sound is a melting pot of styles from Cajun and blues to roots rock and classic R&B. There’s even a heavy hand of Tex-Mex, inspired by vocalist and guitarist Rod Hodges’ Mexican family background and vocalist, guitarist and saxophonist Joe Cabral’s Mexican musical background. The Iguanas were formed in 1989, and since 1993, they’ve released several albums demonstrating their unique sound with songs centered around Latin music, Mexican polka, New Orleans funk, Spanish-language songs, Afro-Cuban, jazz, blues and other musical influences. They’ve performed countless national shows and in jazz, blues, and soul music festivals, even while displaced in Austin following Hurricane Katrina. Their latest album Sin to Sin (2012) harks back to their early to mid-90s recordings while under Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville label, and Hodges sings all of his parts on the album in Spanish.

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