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  • The StoogesIt’s About Time (2003)

Press: [Offbeat Feature (w/ Manny Fresh)] [Offbeat: The Stooges Brass Band in Pakistan (Pictures & Videos)]

Education: Texas Southern University – Houston, TX

As tuba player for the Stooges Brass Band, Clifton Smith has performed across New Orleans, the country and the world. He brings a deep, powerful force to the Stooges, hamming up on all of the heavy bass lines. He lays down the foundation for an energetic and enthusiastic group of brass hop enthusiasts and happily lugs his massive instrument to every stage and street corner the Stooges are headed to. The distinct décor of his tuba bell reads “SPUG” across the top rim and “SMG” across the bottom with a Saints fleur de lis on either side.

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