Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band plays at The Spotted Cat

Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band

The Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band is a classic traditional New Orleans band that was formed in 2009 on Royal Street, according to a popular story you can find on their website. They frequent the Spotted Cat . ...more
Kristina Morales Maison

Age of Aiko

A talented collective of local musicians like bassist Nathan Lambertson and trombonist Michael Watson, Age of Aiko performs jazz, Brazilian, classical and contemporary pieces fronted by vocalist Kristina Morales. ...more

The Martin Krusche Trio

With Martin Krusche at the helm, this saxophone-led trio pushes the envelope of classic and modern jazz. With eyes and ears on the future of jazz music, this progressive collective expounds the nature of the genre . ...more
Pat Casey and The New Sound

The New Sound

Bassist Pat Casey fronts Spotted Cat regulars The New Sound, who can be found lighting up the Spotted Cat every Sunday, a show which has become popular institution amongst local music lovers. The energetic group features . ...more

Eric Gordon’s Lazy Boys

Blending a variety of genres, from funk and jazz to alternative and hip hop, Eric Gordon’s Lazy Boys, fronted by local trumpeter Eric Gordon, throw down their unique sound with a special oomph coming from each . ...more