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“Vivacious” sums up the musical talent and onstage persona of trombonist Carly Meyers. She can be seen at one moment working out her rowdy but refined chops and the next dancing about and getting the crowd riled up. Performing and touring with the Mike Dillon Band, Meyers reaches far and beyond the limitless possibilities of her instrument. She also leads her own band, Yojimbo, a high-energy funk outfit that has elevated New Orleans funk in a way only young, fresh faces can. She’s not a New Orleans native, but she quickly found her home here and thoroughly enveloped herself in the music scene.

Recorded With:
  • Yojimbo

Full Discography:
  • Yojimbo – We Are Dogs (2011)
  • Yojimbo - Bumble Bee Crown King (2013)

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