Virgil Tiller

Virgil Tiller

Both musician and music educator, Virgil Tiller is a prolific saxophonist with a St. Augustine marching band background who can currently be heard performing with the Stooges Brass Band. ...more


Ersell “Garfield” Bogan rips a mean trombone with his group, the Stooges Brass Band. As one of the founding members of the group, he keeps the fire of brass hop alive—the 90s’ emerging genre blending traditional . ...more

Walter Ramsay aka “Whoadie”

Walter “Whoadie” Ramsay founded and leads the Stooges Brass Band with a strong, bright and funky tuba sound. He also play trombone, but his main instrument in the band is the tuba. The tuba and dance . ...more

Antoine “Ace Free” Coleman

Drummer, producer, rapper and engineer Ace Free founded Ace Records & Production and can be heard performing with the Stooges Brass Band and his two hip hop groups Formula 4 and I.M.S. Boyz. ...more

Clifton Smith

As tuba player for the Stooges Brass Band, Clifton Smith has performed across New Orleans, the country and the world. He brings a deep, powerful force to the Stooges, hamming up on all of the heavy . ...more