Ronell Johnson

Trombone and tuba man Ronell Johnson has made a name for himself performing with some of the best trad jazz musicians in the city. In summer 2012, Ronell joined the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and is . ...more

Lars Edegran

Trad and Dixieland jazz performer Lars Edegran has become a fixture in these genres since he moved to New Orleans in 1966. Born in Stockholm, Sweden, he played with several New Orleans-style bands there before moving . ...more

Seva Venet

A purveyor and preserver of the string band tradition, guitarist and banjoist Seva Venet has performed with dozens of New Orleans jazz and string musicians since moving to the city from Los Angeles in 1999. While . ...more
Lionel Ferbos

Lionel Ferbos

Lionel Ferbos is the oldest musician in New Orleans, and at 101, he's just about as old as jazz itself. Age hasn't stopped him, as the trumpeter still performs with the Palm Court Jazz Band on a . ...more