Astral Project

Featured Musicians

Tony Dagradi - saxophone, James Singleton – bass, Steve Masakowski – guitar, John Vidacovich – drums

Frequent Venues:

Featured Albums:

  • Astral Project New Orleans LA (1995)
  • Elevado (1998)
  • Voodoobop (2000)
  • Big Shot (2003)
  • The Legend of Cowboy Bill (2004)
  • Live in New Orleans (2007)
  • Blue Streak (2008)

Band Website:

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Heralded as a premier jazz group from New Orleans, Astral Project is a quartet of prolific musicians who have performed together for more than 30 years, wowing audiences across the country with their unique take on the genre. Their many years together aside, Astral Project is always pushing jazz forward and upwards toward the heavens that inspired their name. With a lofty and complex sound, the group has cornered a distinct niche that has earned them awards and high marks from their devout audience. They’ve released seven awe-inspiring albums over the years, all to critical acclaim, and their performances at New Orleans festivals and beyond are a treat for jazz lovers of all stripes.

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