Andy J. Forest

AndyJForest Andy J. Forest

Vocals, Harmonica

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Social Networks: Facebook – Twitter – Myspace - Reverbnation

Featured Albums:

  • Letter From Hell (available on Amazon)
  • Blue Orleans (2002) (available on Amazon)
  • Hogshead Cheese (2002) (available on Amazon)

Press: [Offbeat Magazine] [World of Harmonica]

Andy J. Forest is a vocalist for Washboard Chaz Blues Trio. Forest joined Washboard Chaz Blues Trio in 2008 and is featured in the band’s record Dog Days.

Biography: Born in Pullman, Washington, Andy J. Forest began his professional career in 1977 as a vocalist and harmonica player. He has performed with the likes of BB King, Johnny Shines, and other blues masters. Forest also danced with an acting career from 1985 until 1994, with roles in fourteen films. Forest joined Washboard Chaz in 2008 and recorded Dog Days, and has a novel to his credit titled Letter From Hell, originally written in Italian and published in 1999.

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